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European Countries Announce New Coronavirus Restrictions

European countries announced new coronavirus restrictions Friday, one day after the World Health Organization warned infections have started to spread again across the continent at “alarming rates.”
In Spain, which has more cases than any other European country with more than 620,000, the regional government of Madrid ordered a lockdown effective Monday in some of the more impoverished areas after a spike in infections there. While movement in the area will be restricted, people will still be allowed to go to work.
Authorities in Nice, France, have banned gatherings of more than 10 people in public spaces and cut bar operating hours, after new restrictions were imposed earlier this week in Bordeaux and Marseilles.
Britain said it is considering a new national lockdown after cases nearly doubled to 6,000 a day in the latest reporting week. British Health Minister Matt Hancock said another lockdown should be a last resort but that the government would do whatever is necessary to contain the virus.
 New lockdown in Israel
Israel begins a second lockdown Friday because of a sharp jump in the number of coronavirus cases.  
The three-week-long restrictions come just as the country is set to begin the Jewish holidays.   
Israelis are allowed to travel no more than 500 meters from their houses. Exceptions include those purchasing medicine, seeking medical services, “helping someone in distress,” transferring a minor between parents, and obtaining “essential treatment for animals.”Israeli police officers wearing face masks to protect against coronavirus secure a check point on the first day of three-week lockdown in Bnei Brak, Israel, Sept 18, 2020.And in Iran, a senior Iranian official said the country should be on “red alert” after it reported 3,049 new cases Friday, the highest daily gain since early June.  
“The color classification doesn’t make any sense anymore,” Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi said in an interview with Reuters. “We no longer have orange and yellow. The entire country is red.”
India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said Friday that 96,424 new infections and more than 1,000 COVID-related deaths were reported in the last 24 hours.  
In North America, Canada has decided to extend the closure of the border its shares with the United States to non-essential travel until October 21, after seeing an increase in infections in recent weeks. Canadian Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said Friday such decisions would continue to be based on public health advice to protect its citizens. The closing was first announced on March 18 and have been extended each month since.  
 US minorities affected
And in the U.S., the U.S. data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this week revealed that members of minorities younger than 21 years old are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 compared with white Americans in the same age group.
Between February 21 and July 31, 121 people younger than 21 died of the disease, according to data compiled from 27 states. More than 75% of those young people were Hispanic, Black, American Indian and Alaska Native, even though they represent 41% of the U.S. population.FILE – A “promotora” (health promoter) from CASA, a Hispanic advocacy group, tries to enroll Latinos as volunteers to test a potential COVID-19 vaccine, at a farmers market in Takoma Park, Maryland, Sept. 9, 2020.The CDC report also found that 75% of those who died had at least one underlying health condition such as asthma, obesity, neurologic and developmental conditions or cardiovascular conditions.  
Researchers pointed out that certain social conditions, including crowded living environments, food and housing insecurity, and wealth and education gaps, could be contributing factors in the high fatality rates among minority children.
 Vaccine trust tumbles
Nearly half of Americans, or 49%, said they definitely or probably would not get an inoculation if a coronavirus vaccine were available today, while 51% said they would, according to a Pew Research Center poll conducted earlier this month.
The 49% who lean toward rejecting the inoculation cited concerns about side effects from the vaccine.  
On Friday, the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research Center reported there are more than 30 million COVID-19 infections worldwide and almost 950,000 deaths.  
The United States has more cases than anywhere else in the world with 6.6 million, followed by India with 5.1 million cases and Brazil with 4.4 million. 

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UK Ambassador to China Stirs Uproar With Photo Seen as Promoting Xi Jinping

Britain’s newest ambassador to China has gotten off to a rocky start after posting a photo on social media that some viewers interpreted as an endorsement of the hard-line policies of Chinese President Xi Jinping.Caroline Wilson, appointed in June to lead Britain’s diplomatic mission in Beijing as of this month, posted the photo on Twitter after a meeting with Liu Xiaoming, China’s envoy to Britain.In the photo, Liu beams with apparent delight as the two hold what appears to be a gifted book, the latest in a series of tomes laying out Xi’s thoughts on governance.Wilson described the occasion on Twitter as a “valuable meeting with @AmbLiuXiaoMing before heading to Beijing.” Her new subordinates at the British Embassy in Beijing subsequently retweeted the posting.As of Friday morning, Wilson’s tweet had generated more than 1,000 comments, and while a handful praised her as “the perfect person for this absolutely pivotal role,” the vast majority considered the posting highly problematic.“Even Liu XiaoMing didn’t choose to upload this photo,” one commentator wrote, though the Chinese envoy did post several other photos from the meeting. Many others shared the views of a writer who commented, “How could she uphold UK values while holding ‘Xi Jinping Thought’?”Among the most scathing comments was one from a writer who uploaded a 1938 photo of then-British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain shaking hands with Adolf Hitler. Another writer said Wilson’s gesture was “no different than holding Mao’s little red book.”A tweet that had generated almost 500 likes by Friday lodged a more serious charge, that Wilson is too eager to please Xi.Foreign ministry responseA spokesperson from the British foreign ministry defended Wilson’s tweet, telling VOA their country has “a policy of engagement with China and our approach will remain consistent even if difficulties emerge.”“We must have a calibrated approach and use engagement to raise matters on which the U.K. cannot agree or compromise with China, including on human rights and Hong Kong,” the spokesperson said.That argument is not persuasive to Roger Garside, a former British diplomat whose latest book, Coming Alive: China After Mao, focuses on contemporary China.“As a former British diplomat myself, who served twice in Beijing, I am appalled by this behavior by our Ambassador-designate to the PRC,” Garside wrote from London in response to VOA’s request for comment. “It goes beyond anything I have witnessed from a British diplomat.”Garside summed up the reaction to Wilson’s tweet as a “stream of well-deserved outrage.”’Hard looks’Clive Hamilton, a professor of public ethics in Australia, also responded to a request for comment from his home in Canberra:“I think the foreign policy establishment is lagging [behind] the political shift that has taken place in Britain this year. It has yet to wake up to the [Communist Party of China]’s ambitions and ruthless modus operandi.”Hamilton added: “The danger is that instead of advocating Britain’s policies in Beijing, she will end up advocating China’s policies in London.”Wilson has already attracted “hard looks” from critics of China’s ruling Communist Party within her own party, said Hamilton, the author of Hidden Hand, which warns that the Chinese Communist Party is determined to mold the world in its own image.He said there has been no public criticism “as far as I know, but I’ve heard indirectly that some have expressed dismay in private.”

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У Криму суд залишив під арештом трьох фігурантів бахчисарайської «справи Хізб ут-Тахрір» – адвокат

У підконтрольному Кремлю Верховному суді Криму 18 вересня відбулося судове засідання щодо третьої бахчисарайської групи у «справі Хізб ут-Тахрір». Про це повідомляє «Кримська солідарність».

«Суд залишив без задоволення апеляційну скаргу захисту. Захист вказав на численні порушення законодавства, зокрема і міжнародних норм», – розповіла адвокат Еміне Авамілєва.

За її словами, захист вказав на численні порушення норм КПК Росії. Захисник вважає, що слідство, подаючи клопотання про продовження запобіжного заходу утримання під вартою, спирається виключно на свої припущення про те, що обвинувачені, перебуваючи під домашнім арештом, можуть вплинути на хід слідства, на свідчення свідків, сховатися від слідства, залишити Крим і таким чином чинити тиск на слідство або тиск на свідків.


11 березня у будинках кримських татар розпочалася низка слідчих заходів, ініційованих співробітниками ФСБ Росії. Провели сім обшуків, було затримано п’ятьох людей: Енвера Мустафаєва, Сейтумера Сейтумерова, Османа Сейтумерова, Амета Сулейманова, Рустема Сейтмеметов. Їх відвезли у відділок ФСБ. Всім затриманим інкримінували стаття 205.5 Кримінального кодексу Росії (Організація діяльності терористичної організації і участь в діяльності такої організації).

Прокуратура і Нацполіція АР Крим та Севастополя почали кримінальне провадження через обшуки російських силовиків у Бахчисараї і Бахчисарайському районі 11 березня. Пізніше у відомстві повідомили про відкриття ще одного кримінального провадження – за фактом затримання кримських татар після обшуків. У Міністерстві закордонних справ України висловили «рішучий протест» через обшуки 11 березня.

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США засудили вирок російського суду 7 фігурантам бахчисарайської «справи Хізб ут-Тахрір»

США засудили вирок сімом фігурантам другого бахчисарайської «справи Хізб ут-Тахрір», винесений 16 вересня Південним окружним військовим судом в російському Ростові-на-Дону.

«Ми засуджуємо політично мотивоване і невиправдане засудження Росією сімох кримськотатарських журналістів і громадських активістів до тюремного ув’язнення. Росія повинна припинити застосовувати до українців свої несправедливі закони і корумповані судові процеси, а також припинити незаконну окупацію Криму», – зазначили у посольстві США в Україні.


Південний окружний військовий суд у російському Ростові-на-Дону оголосив вирок фігурантам другої бахчисарайської «справи Хізб ут-Тахрір».

Так, Марлену Асанову присудили 19 років колонії суворого режиму, Мемету Белялову – 18, Тимуру Ібрагімову – 17 років, Сейрану Салієву – 16, Серверу Мустафаєву – 14, Серверу Зекір’яєву – 13, Едему Смаїлову – 13.

Ернес Аметов був визнаний невинним і звільнений в залі суду.

Раніше цього тижня прокуратура АР Крим та Севастополя заявила, що вважає вирок фігурантам бахчисарайського «справи Хізб ут-Тахрір» черговим доказом релігійних переслідувань в окупованому Криму.

У ЄС заявили, що не визнають застосування російського законодавства в анексованих Криму і Севастополі, оскільки це незаконно згідно з міжнародним правом, а також передачу громадян України з Криму до судів у Росії.

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Denmark Imposes New COVID-19 Restrictions as Virus Cases Surge

Denmark’s prime minister announced Friday new COVID-19-related restrictions after a resurgence of coronavirus infections in recent weeks.
At a news conference in Copenhagen, Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Denmark will lower the limit on public gatherings to 50 people, down from 100, and bars and restaurants will close at 10 p.m. She said both measures will take effect Saturday and stay in effect until October 4.
In recent weeks, Frederiksen said, Denmark has seen daily infections rise after a relaxing of lockdown measures imposed between March and May. She said 454 new coronavirus infections had been registered in Denmark over the prior 24 hours, close to an April record of 473.  
The prime minister said the COVID-19 reproduction rate, which indicates how many people one infected person on average transmits the virus to, is at 1.5 in the country.  
Denmark is part of a growing list of European countries re-imposing or tightening COVID-19 restrictions in the face of surging infections rates that follow relaxed lockdown measures.
Britain, France and Spain have all locked down regions or at least tightened restrictions in targeted areas after seeing cases surge this week. British Health Minister Matt Hancock said a second nationwide lockdown could happen if cases continue to surge.

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Зеленський готовий піти на 10-відсоткове скорочення працівників свого офісу – Єрмак

Президент України Володимир Зеленський готовий піти на 10-відсоткове скорочення працівників Офісу президента, якщо не вдасться скоротити видатків на утримання органів державної влади, передає сайт ОПУ з посиланням на керівника президентської канцелярії Андрія Єрмака.

«Андрій Єрмак повідомив, що звернувся до керівництва Міністерства фінансів України та Державного управління справами з проханням ретельно попрацювати разом із народними депутатами між першим і другим читанням проєкту закону про державний бюджет на 2021 рік для розумного скорочення видатків на забезпечення діяльності Офісу президента», – йдеться в повідомленні.

Новина доповнюється…

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Drug Shows Promise in 1st Largely Minority COVID-19 Study

A drug company said Friday that a medicine it sells to tamp down inflammation has helped prevent the need for breathing machines in hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the first large study that primarily enrolled Hispanics and Blacks.Switzerland-based Roche reported the results for tocilizumab, sold now as Actemra and RoActemra for treating rheumatoid arthritis and some other diseases. The company said it would quickly publish the results, which have not yet been reviewed by independent scientists, and would speak with regulators about next steps.The drug, given through an IV, tamps down a protein called interleukin-6 that’s often found in excess in COVID-19 patients. It failed in a previous study that tested it in people more severely ill from the coronavirus. The new study was done in the United States, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Mexico and Peru. About 85% of the 389 participants were Hispanic, Black, Native American or other ethnic or racial minorities. These groups have been disproportionately hurt by the pandemic.About 12% given the drug needed a breathing machine or died within 28 days versus about 19% of patients given a placebo.Looked at separately, there were fewer deaths among those on the drug — 8.6% versus 10.4% on placebo — but the difference was too small to say it might not have been due to chance.It’s unclear how the results will be viewed; another drug that works in a similar way failed in an experiment rigorously testing it in COVID-19 patients but some less scientific, observational studies have suggested benefit.This is the third time this week that companies have announced positive results from studies testing COVID treatments via press releases. Companies often are required to disclose results that could affect their financial situation.On Monday, Eli Lilly reported benefits from a study testing its anti-inflammatory drug baricitinib when combined with the antiviral drug remdesivir. On Wednesday, it said interim results from very early testing suggested that its experimental antibody drug showed promise for helping clear the virus and possibly reducing the need for hospitalization in mild to moderately ill patients.

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Наступного тижня Україну відвідає верховний представник Євросоюзу з закордонних справ

У вівторок, 22 вересня, Україну відвідає верховний представник Євросоюзу з закордонних справ Жозеп Боррель. 

Боррель збирається зустрітися з президентом Володимиром Зеленським, главою МЗС Дмитром Кулебою, міністром оборони Андрієм Тараном.

Також він має намір відвідати консультативну місію ЄС в Україні.

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